Original U.S. Vietnam War Airborne M1-C Paratrooper Helmet with Original Decorated Reversible Camouflage Cover

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. An outstanding example of an original, untouched condition, Vietnam War Airborne M-1C Paratrooper’s Helmet with Mitchell Pattern Reversible Camouflage Cover featuring original period graffiti and artwork!

Vietnam War era M-1 helmet shells have a set of swivel (movable) chinstrap loops called bales and a manganese steel rim. These rims had non-magnetic qualities that reduced the chance of error readings when placed around certain sensitive equipment (such as a compass). In WWII the shells had Stainless Steel rims, however these would easily lose paint, and the shine produced without paint was a liability., needless to say.

This helmet is a fine example and still retains all of its original Vietnam War parts and the shell has the original OD Green finish on the interior and exterior of the helmet. It still has the correct complete chin strap,

Looking closely however reveals that the cover itself was personalized by the owner with numerous slogans and drawings. The front of the helmet has written the original owner’s nickname “Popeye”. Each side of the helmet has drawn a rendition of the Zig-Zag Cigarette Rolling Paper Man (aka “Zig-Zag Man”). The left front of the cover has a winged heart with an arrow piercing through. Above that is a rendition of mountains with a moon rising over them. Opposite of this drawing on the other side, is a drawing of the same mountain range, only this time with an aircraft flying overhead with multiple parachutes descending below. Below this is a winged parachute, which encompassing the parachute is written “Death From Above/Airborne/Ranger”. The writing is quite faded, so it was not added any time recently. And is most certainly period. The writing goes not exhibit signs of laundering or artificial contrived aging, which is a solid way to tell the markings are quite old.

The liner is correct high pressure late 1950s (aka “P-1958”) liner which has the webbing configured in the same fashion as the WWII type liners. The sweatband is in good condition, and the rear is marked with the correct Vietnam Era stock numbers. The airborne A-Yokes for the chincup is intact, although the chincup itself is missing (which was routinely removed, as the chincups were rarely worn outside of combat jumps (which rarely occurred in Vietnam). The exterior of the helmet has been repainted with a bright green colored paint, which is undoubtedly period.

The helmet cover is marked on the underside of one of the flaps with the contract information:

DSA 100-69-F-0922

These helmets have become increasingly difficult to find in recent years, especially genuine Vietnam War with some great personalization that is legitimately period, unlike most helmets on the market today. . Almost certainly to appreciate in value year after year!

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