Original U.S. Vietnam War 37mm Anti-Aircraft Factory Cutaway Round - Dated 1967

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This 155mm round and Fuse are completely inert and in compliance to the BATF guidelines on inert firearms and explosives and is NOT AVAILABLE FOR EXPORT. This is a visual training aid and cannot be rendered “live” again.

When it comes to designing a training program for military personnel, instructors are faced with several challenges. First, unlike athletes there is no off-season, most units are either preparing for deployment, deployed, or refitting from deployment. Secondly, training facilities vary from location to location and often focus on a single task. These tasks may include muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, field craft or marksmanship. Each of the above contribute to the success of an operation, however there is one area of training that is deficient. This deficiency is visual training; visual ability plays a larger role in achieving optimum performance than most military personnel realize. The goal of integrating visual training into an already packed curriculum is not to dilute it but to improve tactical performance.

To help users better understand the equipment they are using, examples like this cutaway were made. These were intended to give the users a look at the internal structure of the explosives, showing the different layers as well as where they connect or thread into each other.

This example retains almost all of the original paint and headstamp markings. As this was a factory produced example, no arsenal stenciling was done. The projectile is able to be removed but all other parts are fixed.

This is a lovely example that comes ready for further research and display!

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