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Original U.S. Vietnam Era M1956 Individual Equipment Belt Suspenders

Item Description

Original Item: The M-1956 Lightweight Load-Carrying Individual Equipment Belt Suspenders were standard equipment for the USGI during the Vietnam War. These are genuine USA made vintage Equipment Belt Suspenders manufactured the 1950s and early 1960s that were supplied to Greece before the Vietnam War. As these were not issued to US troops, there will not be any NSN or contract number markings. All show some use but each is offered in very good condition.

The M-1956 Load-Carrying Equipment [LCE], also known as the Individual Load-Carrying Equipment [ILCE], replaced the M-1910 olive drab cotton canvas and web individual equipment which had remained in service, with various modifications since that year. The M-1956 LCE came at a period when the United States Army was in the process of adopting a new service rifle, and thus the system is very general-purpose in nature, designed to accommodate ammunition and cartridge magazines for a number of standard issue small arms. The M-1956 LCE remained in service from the late 1950s through the 1980s and set the standard for future United States military load-carrying equipment.

The olive drab U.S. Army Shade 7 cotton canvas Suspenders, Individual Equipment Belt [also designated Suspenders, Field Pack, Combat, M-1956] were manufactured in Regular [FSN 8465-577-4922], Long [FSN 8465-577-4923], and X-Long [FSN 8465-823-7231] lengths to United States military specification MIL-S-40160. They are additionally adjustable in length by means of sliding metal friction fasteners. Early production individual equipment belt suspenders attach to the individual equipment belt by means of open bent-wire hooks which are attached to the individual equipment belt's upper set of eyelets. Later production individual equipment belt suspenders utilize closing hooks in the rear and open cast hooks in the front. The individual equipment belt suspenders feature a row of web straps over the shoulders for attaching equipment and each side featured a metal rectangular ring where the frontal web straps and the padded shoulder portion joined for additional equipment attachment. The underside of the padded portion of the suspenders is a thinner canvas in earlier-production suspenders and nylon in some of the latest examples.

Offered in nearly unissued condition. As these were issued to Greece they will not have any NSN or other US contract markings.

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