Original U.S. Vietnam Era M1956 First Aid Case and Compass Pouch

Item Description

Original Item: Immediately after World War II, the individual soldier continued to be provided with a single Carlisle bandage as his primary first aid in case of injury. The dressing itself, and the pouch to carry it, evolved along with the Army and Marine Corps equipment changes. The name became "Dressing, First Aid, Field" commonly called a Field Dressing or Battle Dressing. Color, style, and condition vary. One pouch only: multiple are pictured to show variety.

Offered in solid but used condition. One Alice clips included. All covers are from in the late 1950s through the 1960's with most ink stamps faded.

Measures Approximately 5" x 4" x 1"

The M-1956 Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment included a cotton First Aid/Compass Case that replaced the M-1942 web First Aid Pouch that held a Carlisle dressing. On the back it has a single Alice keeper, and it is closed with a single snap. These cases held a single dressing package (or served as a military compass case) and were usually carried on the suspenders or equipment belt.

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