Original U.S. Springfield Trapdoor Model 1884 Rifle with Standard Rod made in 1884 - Serial No 23834*

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Original Item: Only One available. The U.S. breech loading Springfield "trapdoor" rifle was introduced in 1873 in .45-70 caliber. Basically it was the rifle the U.S. Army used to open the West and Springfield trapdoor carbines were used by Custer's Cavalry at the massacre at The Little Big Horn. This example has the breech block marking which is somewhat faint:


In 1884 the integral Round Rod Bayonet was introduced, which could double as a cleaning rod, a development that met with very limited success. However, it was not fitted to all model 1884s. It was finally replaced in 1892 with the .30-40 caliber Krag bolt action magazine rifle.

Model 1884 rifles saw service in the Spanish American War. The regular army was issued the new Krag rifles and the guard units received the trapdoor. There are a number of stereopticon pictures that show guard units armed with of 1884 rifles.

Offered in fair condition is this trapdoor rifle in 45-70 government caliber. The serial number is partly illegible, but 23834? indicates manufacture in 1884, the first year of production. As such it has some model 1884 characteristics, while others are not present. It also definitely has not been cared for well for part of its life, and it shows. Original metal finish is quite worn, with little blue remaining, and corrosion on some parts, especially the butt plate and barrel exterior.

The stock also has been repaired on the left side near the trigger guard, with a large piece apparently having been added in. Still, the bore is actually very good, with clear lands and grooves, and a mostly bright finish. Where ever this rifle was, it wasn't being used very much.

Center fire breechloader, .45 cal., all swivels removed, with a replaced rear sight and standard cleaning rod. Lock is marked faintly with U.S. / SPRINGFIELD, indicating it was made at Springfield Armory, Springfield, Massachusetts. The rear sight is riveted to the barrel, and was apparently changed out some time ago, as the rust on the barrel matches that on the sight.

Definitely not the best example we have seen, but still quite solid, and would look great hanging on a wall. Ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: 1884
Caliber: .45-70 Government
Cartridge Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 32 Inches

Overall Length: 52 Inches
Action type: Hinged Breechblock with side action lock.
Feed System: Single Shot

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