Original U.S. Springfield Trapdoor M1873 Rifle made in 1884 with Bayonet in N.J. Scabbard - Serial No 242628

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Original Item: Only One available. This is a very nice example of the classic Springfield trapdoor rifle, the weapon used, in its carbine form, by the troopers of the 7th Cavalry that met their fate at the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876. The breech block is marked:


Offered in excellent condition is this trapdoor rifle in .45-70 government caliber, Serial # 242628 with a faint SWP 1883 cartouche, overall good metal finish with all proofs still present. The serial number indicates production in 1884, with final inspection in the 1883. Due to the calendar and fiscal years being different for half the year, this type of mismatch is common. The stock is in very good original condition, with lots of character. There are some small dents and scratches in the wood, as expected on a rifle this age, but the stock does not appear to have had any major repairs or damage. The stock is about even with the lock plate, so it has some wear, but nothing major, and has a beautiful color.

The bore is in good condition, with a partly bright finish and visible lands and grooves, with a few areas of corrosion. The lands are a bit faint, so there definitely is wear. The ejector is present, and functions correctly, though we have not tested it with real brass. The butt plate is marked U.S. and both barrel bands are U marked. Metal finish is a nice lightly worn gray color, with a bit of peppering in places. Center fire breechloader, .45 cal., two bands, two sling swivels with stacking swivel, standard sliding sight, and standard ramrod. Lock is marked with an eagle and US SPRINGFIELD, manufactured by Springfield Armory, Springfield Massachusetts. The rear sight is missing the internal springs, so it is loose on the ladder.

The included socket bayonet is in very good condition, and has almost all of the original blued finish, with a clear U.S. stamp on the ricasso. There are a few areas of light surface rusting on the socket. The scabbard body is dent free, with a nice worn blue, with some areas of surface rusting towards the bottom. The attached swivel frog is in good condition, with the leather worn but solid, and has a N.J. marked rosette on the hinge joint with the leather belt loop.

The elegant script SWP belongs to Samuel W. Porter, who was the Master Armorer and Chief Inspector of Springfield Armory from 15 September 1879 to 18 June 1894. The clear stylized P in a circle under the wrist of the stock indicates that the rifle passed all of its overpressure proof testing. Additional marks of interest include inspectors' and proof marks around the breech end of the barrel:  a V over a P over an eagle's head over another P on the left side just above the stock, and a small R over the chamber. The upper right corner of the standard sliding sight leaf and the left side of the ramp are marked R to indicate that the sight graduations are for a rifle and not a carbine.

This is an excellent opportunity to pick up a very nice example of a classic U.S. issue firearm. Ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: 1884
Caliber: .45-70 Government
Cartridge Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 32 Inches
Overall Length: 52 Inches
Action type: Hinged Breechblock with side action lock.
Feed System: Single Shot

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