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Original U.S. Springfield Model 1896 Krag Saddle-Ring Carbine Upgraded to 1902 Spec - Manufactured in 1898

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is great example of a Springfield Model 1896 Krag Saddle-Ring carbine.  It measures was 41 inches (1,042 mm) in overall length with a 22-inch (560 mm) barrel. The The Springfield Model 1892–99 Krag–Jørgensen rifle is a Norwegian-designed bolt-action rifle that was adopted in 1892 as the standard United States Army military longarm, chambered in U.S. caliber .30-40 Krag. All versions and variants were manufactured under license by the Springfield Armory between 1892 and 1903 and famously served as the longarm during the Spanish–American War. Although Krags were popular, unique and efficient, the side loading gate mechanism was slow and cumbersome to reload in combat compared to the clip loaded Spanish Mausers the Krag was up against.

The Model 1896 is an improvement over the original 1892 model, in that it had a magazine cut-off operated in the down position had a cleaning rod that was stored in the butt trap, which mean that even the carbine model would have a cleaning rod. The production tolerances were also improved, resulting in an overall better firearm.

Our example is stamped on the receiver:


Research reveals that serial number 72948 dates to year of manufacture of 1898, first quarter of the year. The rifle falls into the second series of M1892 Krag rifles. It features the later bolt with the extractor with pin and the receiver is machined to work with the pin. It still has the original circled "P" proof behind the trigger guard, indicating the barrel has passed the overpressure testing. The stock is fitted with a M1896 solid smooth buttplate with a curved toe and butt-trap. It still features the original 22 inch barrel and saddle ring, however it has been updated with an added buttstock sling swivel and front rifle band with sling swivel. Also it was updated with a Model 1902 rifle sight and accompanying handguard, which covers the top of the band.

Metal condition is very good, with a lot of the original finish present, with some past pitting on the sides of the magazine, and top of the bolt. The stock and handguard are in very good condition as well, with the stock having a beautiful grain to it, and a nice dark color. The handguard around the sight is slightly ligher in color, due to the difference in age and use. The stock shows minor handling marks and very light impressions in some areas, but is very attractive.

Action works smoothly and all components have a nice finish, with a bit of oxidation on the bright areas. Bore is mostly bright, with clear lands and grooves. There is some rounding on the lands and darkening in the grooves, so this rifle was definitely used.


Year of Manufacture: 1898
Caliber:  .30-40 Krag
Cartridge Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Overall Length: 41 Inches
Action type: Bolt-Action
Feed System: 5 round side loaded magazine

Note: This gun is NOT considered obsolete calibre, so we are no able to ship to the United Kingdom. Please note that for international shipping, these MUST be shipped using UPS WW Services.

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  • Note: This gun is NOT considered obsolete calibre, so we are no able to ship these to the United Kingdom.

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