Original U.S. Springfield Model 1869 Cadet Rifle - SN 1010

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Original Item: Only One Available. The Springfield Model 1869 was one of several model "Trapdoor Springfields", which used the trapdoor breechblock design developed by Erskine S. Allin. Originally, the trapdoor Springfields were created to convert Model 1863 Springfield rifled muskets to breech loading rifles at a relatively low cost.

The Model 1869 Cadet Rifle was a shortened version of the Springfield Model 1868. It had a 29.5 inch barrel, compared to the 32.5 inch barrel of the Model 1868, and had an overall length of 48.8 inches. The Model 1869 was produced using Model 1868 receivers and breech blocks, but used a stock that was manufactured specifically for the Model 1869. The Model 1869 had a narrower buttplate and the stock around the barrel was thinner than on the Model 1868.

The Model 1869 Cadet rifle is a shortened version of the model 1868 rifle. The cadet length barrel is three inches shorter than the rifle (29.6"), and the butt plate width is narrower. Careful examination of the stock thickness around the barrel shows it to be considerably thinner than that of the rifle.

Most of the 3,400 cadet rifles produced were made between April and September 1871. However, 310 were produced in the first quarter of 1870. The rifles have 1868 receivers and breech blocks. They feature only one cartouche because they were produced using new stocks.

This model has its' own sequence of serial numbers, running from 1 to approximately 3422.

Notable features of this particular example include:

- arsenal style wrist repair with brass pin reinforcements.

- strong shiny bore, with good rifling.

- serial no. 1010, of only 2400 built.

- very fine example of a very rare rifle.

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