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Original U.S. Spanish American War Army Officer Dress Sword Belt with Model 1872 Eagle Plate Buckle

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Original Item: Only One Available. Officers Dress Sword Belt which uses the Model 1872 Officers Belt Buckle, featuring a nickle-plated wreath surrounding the Arms of the United States. The belt has a black leather "base" with an outer "skin" of colored silk grosgrain, in black overlaid by four evenly-spaced 5/16" gold braids. The scabbard hangers are finely decorated silver or white metal link with and differ only in length, each with a silver or white metal snap hook to attach to the scabbard of the officer's sword. The standard sword for all dismounted officers was the Model 1860 Field and Staff Officers Sword. Mounted Infantry and all Cavalry officers used the Model 1872 Light Cavalry Saber. This example is offered in very good condition. Belt measures approximately 35" in length. A FANTASTIC rare piece to complete any Indian wars or Spanish American war collection.
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