Original U.S. Spanish American War and WWI Named Marine Medal Grouping - John F. Evans

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Original Items: One-of-a-kind Collection. United States Marine Corps Service Member John F. Evans served before, during, and after the Great War. The medals and pins in this set belonged to him and include:

- Original WWI USMC Good Conduct Medal with original ribbon and 5th Enlistment bar, the medal is engraved:
No. 91134
John F. Evans
1st Enlistment
Feb 19 - 1909
Ribbon is intact but fragile.

- Original West Indies Campaign Medal with ribbon numbered on the rim 111. Rim number is correct as confirmed by documentation. The medal was a United States military medal of the Navy and Marine Corps issued for service in the West Indies campaign theater of the Spanish–American War. The medal was established on 27 June 1908 and the first recipient of the award was Rear Admiral John E. Pillsbury. To be awarded the West Indies Campaign Medal, a service member must have performed sea duty in the West Indies between the dates of 1 May 1898 and 16 August 1898. The award was a one time decoration only and there were no devices authorized for multiple engagements or combat participation. The decoration was rarely bestowed, since most Navy and Marine Corps personnel received the Sampson Medal for West Indies service, and Navy regulations prohibited the bestowal of both the Sampson Medal and West Indies Campaign Medal for the same period of duty.

- Original Philippine Campaign Medal with ribbon numbered on the rim 545. The Philippine Campaign Medal is a medal of the United States Armed Forces which was created to denote service of U.S. military members in the Philippine–American War between the years of 1899 and 1913. Although a single service medal, the Philippine Campaign Medal was issued under separate criteria for both the United States Army and the U.S. Navy. The Philippine Campaign Medal was a separate award from the Philippine Congressional Medal, which was an Army medal awarded for special services rendered during the Philippine–American War.

- Original Nicaraguan Campaign Medal with rim number No. 3709. The Nicaraguan Campaign Medal is a campaign medal of the United States Navy which was authorized by Presidential Order of Woodrow Wilson on September 22, 1913. A later medal, the Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal was authorized by an act of the United States Congress on November 8, 1929. The two medals were considered two separate awards, with the original medal being commonly referred to as the First Nicaraguan Campaign Medal.

- Original Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal with rim number No. 5488. This medal is a military award of the United States Marine Corps. It was established on 8 May 1919 as the Marine Corps Expeditionary Ribbon. A full-sized medal was authorized on 1 March 1921 by Presidential Order of Warren G. Harding. The Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal is therefore one of the oldest medals of the United States military which is still issued to active duty personnel.

- Original 1930 Yangtze Service Medal with rim number No. 363. The is Yangtze Service Medal decoration of the United States military which was created in 1930 for presentation to members of the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps (and to a lesser extent, members of the United States Army). The Yangtze Service Medal is awarded for service in the Yangtze River Valley between the dates of September 3, 1926 and December 31, 1932, a period of significant unrest in the region. The decoration may also be awarded for those military service members who served on permanent duty in Shanghai, China, provided such service was in direct support of landing operations in the Yangtze River Valley (e.g. Nanking incident of 1927). The Yangtze Service Medal was declared obsolete in 1940 when it was replaced by the China Service Medal.

- Original WWI Victory Medal.

- Expert rifleman award.

- Two brass epaulet EGA insignia pins.

A fantastic and very rare named medal grouping from a Marine that saw service over multiple decades and campaigns with the USMC!

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