Original U.S. Revolutionary War German Brass Mounted Flintlock Horse Pistol marked R-5-C-IV on Butt Cap - circa 1750

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. This is a fantastic U.S. Revolutionary War era flintlock pistol originating from one of the Germanic States. It is all brass mounted, including the characteristic German brass side plate, and measures 19 inches in overall length, with a 13 3/4 inch .69" caliber smoothbore barrel. There are no maker marks on the pistol, but the barrel has "PINE TREE" and "KEY" Proof marks by the breech.

More importantly, there is what looks to be a clear regimental marking of R-5-C-IV- on the characteristic "long eared" butt cap, as well as C-IV / 55 on both the tang of the barrel and the tail of the lock plate. We assume this would be for something like 5th Regiment, 4th Company, 55th Weapon, or something similar.

Condition overall is very good, with a lovely stock showing quite a bit of flame figuring in the grain, and no sign of major damage or repairs. The lock is fully functional, holding at half cock and firing at full, though it can be temperamental due to wear. It retains the original wooden ramrod under the barrel.

A magnificent German Military Flintlock pistol, we think dating to around 1750, so it is fairly safe bet to say this was a British Hessian's pistol originating from ELECTOR CHARLES of the state HESSE PHILLIPPSTADT, who reigned from 1721 to 1770. Who knows this MAY have been from one of the Hessians when surprised on Christmas Day by General Washington after Crossing the DELAWARE on DECEMBER 24/25TH 1776.

In great untouched condition after years in storage or Museum Display. Ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: 1750
Caliber: .69"
Ammunition Type:  Lead Ball & Powder
Barrel Length: 13 3/4 inches

Overall Length: 18 inches
Action: Side Action Flintlock
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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