Original U.S. Revolutionary War Early Colonial Blacksmith Made Socket Bayonet With Scabbard, Frog and Belt

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. It is very difficult to date early Colonial Period bayonets. They were made in small numbers by local blacksmiths, without the benefit of gauges and other production tooling common to European manufacture. As a result, no two are alike.

Colonial Militias began forming in the 1730s. Because early militias focused primarily on defending settlements against Indian attack, the production and procurement of bayonets was spotty, at best. The more established militias, such as in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, are documented as having bayonets by the 1750s. However, by 1775, when the Revolutionary War began in earnest, only about half of Massachusetts Bay Colony muskets were equipped with bayonets.

This socket bayonet is for a .75-80 caliber flintlock musket. The blade features a forward sweeping shank, flat triangular blade profile with the socket appearing to be applied after the blade portion was constructed. There are no markings visible, but this was common with the “locally made” examples or with war time examples that had to be made at a rapid rate to outfit militias and the Continental Army. The rarest feature of this set is the fact it still retains the original blackened leather scabbard with brass round frog button. The frog itself was stitched to the belt, but over the last few hundred years the leather became brittle and the frog itself tore away and is no longer attached. This is original to the belt as the torn ends match up perfectly and could be repaired if you would wish to do so. The belt is in the same similar shape as the scabbard and is rather hard with a significant amount of crashing present in the finish. The buckle appears complete and is a lovely hand forged iron example with surprisingly minimal oxidation present.

A lovely example ready for display.

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