Original U.S. Revolutionary War American Short Sword With British Samuel Harvey Blade and Royal Crown Cypher “Sanitized”

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Now this is a wonderful piece of American history! This is an early Revolutionary War period short sword by Samuel Harvey. The sword itself is of British origin and appears to have either been captured or purchased for private use. The best feature of the sword in our opinion is the fact that the Royal Crown Cypher was “sanitized” by a series of dots that were punched into the blade. This is a very personal touch and gives the blade a more meaningful appearance and history.

The sword blade appears to be a British P-1751 Hanger Sword that was altered to be a double edged sword and various tooling marks can still be seen where the spine of the blade would have continued the rest of the length of the blade. The blade itself is heavily pitted and stained, but it is very difficult to come across a weapon from this period that hasn’t fallen victim to aging.

The basket hilt is also very similar to the P-1751 with very little differences. The iron hilt has a two bar guard instead of the three that are present on the P-1751. The hilt is pitted and stained like the blade but is without any significant damage. The grip appears to be ivory or born and has a lovely yellowing age to it. The whole construction of the sword and hilt is still surprisingly very tight with little to no movement, just how we like to encounter them!

A lovely, early American short sword that comes more than ready for further research and display.

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