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Original U.S. Remington Model 1871 Army Rolling Block Pistol in .50cal - Serial 419

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Original Item: Only One Available. These are very unusual and very hard to find, especially in their full military trim with the original markings! This pistol still has the standard 8" rifled barrel in .50 cal centerfire. Many were later converted into longer barreled sporting guns. The left side of the frame is marked with the Maker and Patent information:

PAT. MAY 3D. NOV. 15TH 1864 APRIL 17TH 1866

Under the grip it is marked with serial number 419 on the receiver tang and trigger grip, though there is also number 400, which is stamped into the walnut grip on the top. We unfortunately do not know the meaning of having both numbers, but other example had two numbers as well. The entire gun in very good used condition with the usual wear from service. The finish has mellowed to a lovely gray patina, and the stocks are a bit worn. The bottom of the grip looks like it may be heavily stamped with some type of marking, or possibly someone used it as a hammer.

The action is crisp and moves smoothly. The ejector and firing pin are both present, and the pistol dry fires correctly. The Bore shows clear lands and grooves, with scattered spots of oxidation.

A fine example for any U.S. Collection ready to display.

History of the Remington Rolling Block Pistol
The Remington Rolling Block is one of the most successful single shot weapons ever developed. It is a strong and simple action, very reliable, and not prone to be jammed by dirt or rough usage. It was based in part on the "split breech" action produced by Remington during the United States Civil War. That design was re-engineered by Joseph Rider during 1865, and the first firearm based on it, the Model 1865 Remington Pistol, was offered for sale to the United States Army and Navy in 1866. While the Army turned the design down, the Navy committed to purchase 5000 pistols.

The pistol went through several models, and the 1871 Army pistol (sometimes referred to as the Army and Navy Model) was the final redesign. The trigger and trigger guard were moved forward on the receiver, and a spur was added to the receiver behind the hammer to allow for a better grip. A rotating extractor was designed. The front sight was changed from a bead to a blade, and the lockwork was also redesigned. The gun was available in .50 centerfire, but could be special ordered in .22 rimfire. It was designed for the U.S. military, but was never sold to them, however this example seems to have been a private purchase. Over 6000 are estimated to have been manufactured.


Years of Manufacture: c.1871-1876
Caliber: .50cal
Ammunition Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 8 inches
Overall Length: 12 inches
Action: Rolling Block
Feed System: Single Shot

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