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Original U.S. Remington Elliot's 1861 Patent 4 Barrel Pepperbox Tip-Up Pistol - Serial 6358

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a fascinating small handgun, intended for personal protection that started production right at the height of the Civil War in 1863. Ideal for Gamblers and Travelers alike, this was easily concealed had a capacity of four shots that could be easily discharged by way of a Ring Trigger. The pistol features black wood ebony type grip plates, with the the metal finish now turning blue/grey, all in all in very nice condition.

These pepperbox pistols were introduced to directly compete with the Sharps & Hankins and Sharps 4 barrel pepperbox pistols, which featured a similar rotating firing pin. However, the Remington Elliot is a double action only design, with a unique ring trigger and no external hammer. This reduced chances that the pistol might catch on clothing.

The pistol is well marked, with serial number 6358 marked on the bottom of the barrel and on the frame inside the breech. The full Remington name and address down one side of the barrel cluster:


and on the right side is the full Patent information:

ELLIOT'S PATENTS MAY 29 1860 - OCT.1.1861

Unlike the usual pepperbox pistols, this design does not have a rotating barrel cluster. Instead, the rear of the action has a rotating breech block, which moves the rimfire firing pin 90 degrees each time the trigger is pulled. The barrel cluster also "tips up" when unlocked by the small catch on the underside of the barrel, which is how the gun is reloaded. This design does not have any type of built in ejector.

The revolver is in good condition, with a grayish patina on the bright steel frame, and a lot of blue retained on the barrel cluster. It breaks open correctly for reloading, and locks closed using the small latch in front of the ring trigger. It is functional but finicky, with the rotating firing pin currently not advancing correctly. The trigger also must be pulled back hard to get it to try fire.

Very nice and rare. Ready to display from the Old West and houses of ill repute.


Years of Manufacture: Made 1863-1888
Caliber: approx .32"
Ammunition Type: Rimfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 3 1/4 inches
Overall Length: 5 inches
Action: Double Only - internal hammer
Feed System: 4 Shot Pepperbox

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