Original U.S. Recent Issue Russian PKM Machine Gun Rubber Duck Training Rifle with Sling

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a U.S. Military issue non-functional training machine gun, based on the Soviet Russian PKM Machine gun, which first saw service in 1969. They are training aids used both in mock combat and in demonstrations.

The military calls these rifles Rubber Ducks. This is an actual military issue trainer designed to be the correct weight and size of a PKM Machine gun, and it has a correct pattern canvas and leather sling. They are made from hard rubber, and the molds are made from the actual machine gun, so there are still cyrillic markings visible in places. Some components, like the bipod and sling hook, are necessarily made of metal, as rubber components would not last nor be functional.

This example is in good condition, though the front sight has been broken off, and the replica carry handle is missing. The brown paint on the grip and stock, which simulates the composite grips used on the originals, is partly flaked off.

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The PK (Russian: Пулемёт Калашникова, transliterated as Pulemyot Kalashnikova, or "Kalashnikov's Machinegun"),is a 7.62×54mmR general-purpose machine gun designed in the Soviet Union and currently in production in Russia. The original PK machine gun was introduced in 1961 and then the improved PKM in 1969 to replace the SGM and RP-46 machine guns in Soviet service. It remains in use as a front-line infantry and vehicle-mounted weapon with Russia's armed forces. The PK has been exported extensively and produced in several other countries under license. After initial development, there were various revisions and different versions introduced for more specialized roles.

The PKM (ПК Модернизированный: "Kalashnikov's Machine-gun Modernized"), was adopted into service in 1969. The PKM is a modernized, product-improved version of the PK. The upgrades, primarily aimed at reducing the weight, simplifying production, and facilitating easier operation. The receiver cover became more rigid due to lengthwise ribs. The butt was fitted with a hinged butt-rest. The barrel fluting was omitted and the flash hider was changed. Later on the PKM was equipped with a new black glass-filled polyamide buttstock and pistol grip shaped like the previously used laminated wooden stock and grip.

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