Original U.S. Pre-WWII U.S.S. Arizona Photo Album Featuring Pictures of James Cagney, Gloria Stuart and Pat O’Brien From The Movie “Here Comes The Navy”

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Original Item: One-Of-A-Kind. This is truly a spectacular photo album that comes loaded with pictures of not only the USS Arizona but pictures of the movie “Here Comes The Navy”! One of the pictures is of the original owner of the album with the actress Gloria Stuart! This is an amazing album and is welcomed into any collection!

On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service launched a surprise, preemptive military strike on the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, "a date which will live in infamy." The attack unfortunately resulted in destruction of numerous ships, as well as airfields and planes on the ground.

Probably the most famous loss during the attack was the U.S.S. Arizona, which sustained a bomb hit near turret II, which resulted in the forward magazine detonating, effectively destroying the ship. The bombs during the attack and subsequent explosion killed 1,177 of the 1,512 crewmen on board at the time, approximately half of the lives lost during the attack. The Arizona was not salvaged, and 15 years later a memorial was built over the sunken remains of the ship, which is now this bit of history out of the water.

Unfortunately a majority of the sailors featured in this album more than likely lost their lives during the attack. The album has the name T.K. O’Kelley written on the front, but unfortunately we were unable to locate any service information on the young sailor.

The album contains over 100 pictures, both personal and commercial shots of various ships and locations. The first few pages shows photos of the USS Tennessee, Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada and West Virginia. Most of these ships were present for the attack on Pearl Harbor and like the USS Arizona, met their fate that day.

The movie related images are breathtaking to say the least. They show cast members from the 1934 film “Here Comes The Navy”, which was filmed aboard the USS Arizona. Here Comes the Navy (also known as Hey, Sailor) is a 1934 American romantic comedy film written by Earl Baldwin and Ben Markson and directed by Lloyd Bacon. The film stars James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, Gloria Stuart and Frank McHugh. Riveter "Chesty" O'Conner (James Cagney) and his best friend, "Droopy" (Frank McHugh), join the US Navy to annoy O'Connor's nemesis, Chief Petty Officer "Biff" Martin (Pat O'Brien). O'Conner gets himself court-martialed for being AWOL while visiting Martin's sister Dorothy (Gloria Stuart). Disgruntled at his treatment, O'Connor angrily derides the Navy and finds himself ostracized by his fellow sailors.

Gloria Stuart was Oscar-nominated 63 years later for another nautical epic, Titanic (1997). Stuart was Rose as an old woman and most noted for the tossing of the blue heart of the ocean off the Titanic. Gloria is seen in this album posing in various locations, one of which being underneath the large guns of the Arizona!

Other pictures include countless images of life on the USS Arizona, her deck guns, sailors sitting atop of large deck guns, drinking, liberty calls, life and training in Panama, and many, many more! There are even pictures of the Arizona in drydock for repairs with sailors standing underneath the props! Another beautiful image was taken from the USS Arizona and its of the Statue of Liberty. The statue appears as a dark silhouette but is easily discernible.

This is an incredible photo album that comes more than ready to be cherished in any caliber collection. There is not just solid Naval history contained in these pages, but cinematic history as well.

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