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Original U.S. Pre-WWI Krag-Jørgensen M1892 Bayonet with Single Bolt Grip and Scabbard - dated 1902

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Original Item: Only One Available. U.S. Krag Rifles are not particularly rare and neither are their knife bayonets, however here is something we've never seen before, or possibly just never noticed. At first glance it looks to be regular U.S. Krag M1892 Knife Bayonet, however it has ONLY ONE GRIP BOLT holding on the wood grips, which have never been cut for any more. These were made for the Springfield Model 1892–99 Krag-Jørgensen rifles, some of which were still in use during WWI. It is fitted with its original all steel scabbard with a swivel belt loop on the back. 

The "Krag" was the U.S. Army's first repeating rifle, and the M1892 bayonet was based on the Swiss M1889 bayonet, made for use on the 7.5 mm. M1889 Schmidt-Rubin straight-pull bolt-action rifle.

The bayonet is quite standard except for the grip, and in generally very good condition. It is marked with U.S. on one side of the blade and 1902 on the other, and has a fully functional bayonet catch. There are no other markings, which is how they were issued. The scabbard is excellent, with almost all of the original blued finish, and a fully functional swivel, though it is a bit loose. The scabbard body is straight, with only tiny dents in areas. There area few areas of light rust on the scabbard, but nothing major, especially considering the age.

Strange with it being dated so late as 1902 maybe had it been very first production but this bayonet has never been "played with". I can find no references whatsoever but perhaps you can. If it was a Trials piece we do not know. It came from a Collection started 50 years ago in Norway, which we received in 2014 but have only started to unpack now.

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