Original U.S. Post-WWII Inert Bazooka M7A6 Practice Rocket With Original Paint - Dated 1948

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice original WWII inert M7A6 practice rocket for the U.S. WWII 2.36 inch M1 / M1A1 Bazooka. The 2.36" rocket consists of a head with original markings dated 3 -48, a stabilizer tube, and tail. The rocket is totally inert and complies with standards outlined by BATF and is not available for export.

The inert rocket measures approximately 19 ½” inches long and has not been repainted OD green and is the original INERT practice blue. The warhead and fin assembly no longer unscrews. The rocket is stamped with a sequence of lot numbers on all components.

There are no outward mechanical differences between the M6 HEAT and the M7 Practice rounds, other than paint and stencil. However, there is one major difference, the internal HEAT cone.

When manufactured, the nose assembly is crimped together as a single unit. The HE filler is poured in place, then hardens to a solid. Once filled, the stencil is applied. To remove the filler you either have to burn it out, or melt it with steam. This is more than likely the reason why inert M6 HEAT rounds don't show up often as war souvenirs, too difficult to deal with.

The M7A1/A6 Practice rockets were manufactured without that HE cone, which was necessary to make room for a counterweight rod to simulate the correct mass and center of balance of the live round. A counter balance rods screw into the same cavity as otherwise occupied by the fuze. This example no longer unscrews, so we cannot confirm that the internal weighted rod is still present.

This is a wonderful example of a practice rocket as used by the Armed Forces during WWII and into the Korean War! Comes more than ready to display.

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