Original U.S. Post Korean War Era Japanese Souvenir Walking Stick & Nested Pool Cue

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-Kind. This is a great find! We purchased this at an estate sale recently as a really great souvenir walking stick from Japan, decorated with simple drawings of the main islands of JAPAN, as well as KOREA and OKINAWA. All of these are places where a U.S. serviceman would have easily visited or even been stationed at during the post Korean War period. There are various other items drawn on the stick, such as Cherry Blossoms, Mt. Fuji, Planes, Ships, and so forth. Really some great decorative skill was used, and lots of individual Cities and Towns are written in pink carved ovals.

We know this is post Korean War, as the Korean peninsula is divided at the 38th Parallel. What we did not know however is that this is not JUST a walking stick! We noted that the top "knob" unscrews, and were expecting possibly a sword or knife, but instead what looked like a swagger stick emerged. We turned over the exterior, and then a little wooden disc fell out, with some blue on it: the blue of the chalk used for a pool cue.

This had fallen off the end of the inner portion, but definitely indicates that this is in fact a walking stick AND pool cue! The brass end unscrews, allowing the lower portion to be attached to the decorated hollow shaft, and the end knob can then be screwed back on.

This is a really great display piece, and is sure to add some real character to any collection. We do not know how good a pool cue it is, but the chalk marks indicate it must have at least been used for a while. We have left the end of the cue unattached, but it could easily be glued back on. Ready to display or even use!

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