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Original U.S. Post-Korean War Era Inert M22A2 Yellow Smoke Rifle Grenade - Dated 1954

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a fantastic example of an M22A2 Yellow Smoke Grenade, designed to be fired from the M7A3 Grenade Launcher for M1 Garand Rifle. This example is totally inert and cannot be converted to be used as an explosive device, making it in complete compliance per the current BATF standards governing inert ordnance.

Not Available For Export.

The M22 and M22A2 consist of three basic parts: a steel stabilizer assembly, an integral fuze and a body.The fuze is a mechanical impact-igniting type. The body is filled with a burning-type smoke charge which contains a dye to color the smoke, which in this case would have been yellow. The surfaces of the smoke charge within the body are coated with a starter mixture charge to facilitate ignition. A small opening or air hole in the nose of the ogive is covered by a nose closing plug which is not present due to this one having more than likely been fired. The M22 and M22A2 grenades differ only in minor features. These M22A2s are for signaling and for laying smoke screens. Produces green, red, violet or yellow smoke.

Colored smoke rifle grenades M22 and M22A2 function on impact, emitting a cloud of colored smoke for approximately one minute. After being fired from a rifle equipped with a grenade launcher, these grenades function as follows: The grenade ogive strikes the ground or other resistant object. Inertia of the firing pin overcomes spring tension and the firing pin strikes the primer. The primer emits a small, intense spit of flame. Flame from the primer ignites the starter mixture charge. The burning starter mixture charge ignites the smoke charge. The smoke charge burns for approximately 1 minute, emitting a dense cloud of colored smoke through holes in the base of the body.

This example is in wonderful condition and retains almost all of the original paint and yellow stenciling.

The stenciling reads as follows:

AMM LOT OAP- 20-1(?)
LOADED - 10-54

A wonderful example that comes more than ready for display.

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