Original U.S. Percussion Frontier Style Musket made using British Trade Parts c. 1840

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Original Item: Only One Available. This was constructed in the United States using a British Gun Maker's trade 38" Barrel and a British trade lock. The lock plate is actually signed with what looks to be I - DEVEY - ,which may very well have been the U.S. Gun Maker's name who actually built the gun. The Barrel bears British Proof Marks ensuring it's quality construction of the day. These would be the Post-1816 Birmingham, England Crown over Crossed Scepters over P for “Proved” and over V for “Viewed”. R C is the maker’s initials.

Intended for hunting on the frontier around 1835-1840, this was a weapon that could easily be used to protect against Outlaws or Indians. Fired both lead ball or lead shot, whichever was required. Tarnished original brass mounts, the stock extends all the way to the muzzle, 53" in overall length. Iron work covered in old pitting, probably from living in a barn untouched for many years.

An authentic, as found piece of the Old West which still has a functioning lock mechanism that holds at half cock and fires at full. This is an old lady and should NOT be fired but retired to the Mantle piece instead.

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Year of Manufacture: circa 1840
Caliber: approximately .63"
Cartridge Type: Ball / shot and Powder with Percussion Cap
Barrel Length: 38 Inches

Overall Length: 53 Inches
Action type: Side Action Percussion
Feed System: Muzzle Loading

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