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Original U.S. Operation Enduring Freedom OEF Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan National Flag – USGI Bringback

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Original Item: Very Few Available. These are genuine Operation Enduring Freedom OEF Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan National Flags with a gold fringe. The Islamic State of Afghanistan was the American supported government during Operation Enduring Freedom. These flags were brought back by an American USGI as trophies of war after his tour was completed.

This design of flag was only used between 2002 and 2004 (Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan). These examples have hang grommets and are constructed of double ply synthetic material with a silk screened gold Emblem of Afghanistan. High quality construction, certainly made to fly and not a cheap tourist bazaar trinket.

Approximate Measurements: Length 62 inches, Height 34 inches.

The Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan (TISA), also known as the Afghan Transitional Authority, was the name of a temporary administration of Afghanistan put in place by the loya jirga of June 2002. It succeeded the original Islamic State of Afghanistan and preceded the current Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This was the national Government of Afghanistan supported by the American Government and Military.

Following the invasion of Afghanistan, a UN-sponsored conference of a few Afghan leaders in Bonn led to the appointment of the Afghan Interim Administration under the chairmanship of Hamid Karzai. However, this Interim Administration, which was not broadly representative, was scheduled to last for only six months, before being replaced by a Transitional Administration. The move to this second stage would require the convening of a traditional Afghan "grand assembly", called a Loya Jirga. This Emergency Loya Jirga elected a new Head of State and appointed the Transitional Administration, which, in turn, would run the country for a maximum of two more years until a "fully representative government" could be elected through free and fair elections.

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