Original U.S. Navy WWII and Korean War Fighter Pilot Grouping

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Available. This is an excellent condition complete 1940s to mid 1950s USN Aviator set that includes the following pieces:

- Size large Gentex H-4 helmet that comes totally complete with internal cloth helmet which contain the ear phones and oxygen was with mic. Helmet features original gold paint and USN/USMC Aviator wings to front. The helmet comes completr with its original felt carry storage bag. The H-4 features a rigid shell with reinforcing ridges and is constructed of a fiberglass cloth reinforced with epoxy resin. For this model a cloth inner helmet which incorporate the earphones was utilized. This was secured to the rigid shell by "pull the dot" snap fasteners on the cheek flaps and in some cases with additional straps attached to snap fastener in front and in the back of the rigid shell. The H-4 was equipped with a boom mounted microphone M-6A/UR to be used below 10.000 feet. Above this altitude an A-13A or A-14 or MBU-3/P oxygen mask were used. Black rubber goggles B-8 with modified straps to be attached to snaps placed on the sides of the helmet shell below the adjustment webbing. The H-4 was used by USN and USMC pilots in the middle of the 50s into the early 60s.

- Navy APH-5 Gold Flight Helmet with MS-22001 Oxygen Mask Set. Helmet is complete with headphones, cable and jack. Single tinted visor with early push button. Same helmet as the one worn by Astronaut John Glenn during the Project Bullet transcontinental speed record with a F-8 Crusader jet fighter.

- United States Air Force and Navy Type MS-22001 Pressure breathing Oxygen Mask; green rubber face mask with green rubber oxygen hose; sage green hard plastic nose piece; black steel bayonet attaching clips; green nylon straps with button snaps and clips; embossed text on nose "MASK, OXYGEN, PRESSURE BREATHING, MS 22001-6 SIZE MEDIUM".

- Special sun googles that snap directly into the helmet.

-1954 Dated BAUER MARK 2 VEST TYPE LIFE PRESERVER. Life Vest, Pneumatic, Mark 2, United States Navy. United States Navy (USN) Mark 2 pneumatic lift vest; yellow rubberized fabric with rubber air bladders; 2 front pockets for C02 gas canisters; 2 dye markers packets and shark chaser in packet; attached strobe light on right shoulder; black rubber manual inflation tube on left shoulder; one lower equipment pouch on front bladder; whistle on lanyard on left breast; 2 steel snaps down front; yellow nylon draw straps.

- Photograph book with dozens of original WWII and 1950s photos from Naval Aircraft Carriers, pilots, bases and so much more. Also includes binders of original WWII and Korean war paperwork.

- Incredible prize award crock! Yes, a crock, we don't know why or for what but it reads:
Lt. C.R. Nash
Lt. R.D. Murphy
Lt. L.J. Coors
Lt. E.W. Smith
VF-924. NAS. CECIL Field

Also, included is an large original photo of this crock with the pilots accepting the award in 1956!

An incredible WW2 and Koren War era USN Pilot's flight gear and personal scrap book set offered in very good to excellent condition.
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