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Original U.S. Naval M-1870 Brass Hilted Bayonet- Yataghan

Item Description

Half Original Item: See "The American Bayonet 1776-1964" by Albert N. Hardin Jr., page 101, top illustration:

U.S. Navy Rifle, Model 1870, a Remington Rolling Block Rifle, breechloader, was first fitted with a "yataghan" or (yatagan) down sloping blade, a hang over from the muzzle loading design, together with a solid Bass hilt and cross guard with cast Crossed Cannons and Anchor Naval design. This was almost immediately replaced by the straight bladed 2nd Model most often encountered today.

So here's the story: We found just the Yataghan Blades (unmarked) of the 1st model from which some enterprising scrap dealer had recycled the brass, possibly a hundred years ago, and sparing no expense, we manufactured new solid brass hilts together with replicated steel bayonet catch with spring and then had these original blades mounted.

An exceptionally rare variation (1st Model) of a much sought after US Naval Bayonet issued in the 1880s.

No Scabbards available.

Fill the hole in your collection.

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