Original U.S./ NATO Inert 81 BK NM123 HE 81mm Mortar Round - Dated 1978- Scarce Contract Norwegian-Made

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a wonderful example of an 81mm 81 BK NM123 round for the M29 Mortar System. This is a scarce round, as it is a Norwegian-Made example with US Markings (Likely to be used for testing) by the NSN contractor The round was rendered inert by an Explosive Ordnance Disposal for use as a teaching aid. This round cannot be rendered live again to be used as an explosive device and is in complete compliance per the current regulations set out by the BATF.

Not Available For Export.

The M29 is an American-produced 81 millimeter mortar. It began replacing the M1 mortar in U.S. service in 1952 being lighter and with greater range. It was subsequently replaced by the M252 mortar in 1987. Variants included the M29E1 and M29A1, adopted in 1964. These were produced with a hard chrome-plated bore to prolong barrel life and ease of cleaning.

The maximum rate of fire is 30 rounds for the first minute followed by 4 to 12 rounds per additional minute. The range is 5,140 yards. The weapon was usually serviced by a crew of five. The normal crew consisted of a squad leader, a gunner, an assistant gunner and two ammunition handlers.

The round itself is in very good condition and retains almost all of the original OD Green paint with minor handling wear present. The round still retains clear arsenal stamps which identifies this round as a 81mm 81 BK NM123 round and is dated as 1978.. The fuse assembly is not marked but it is a point Detonating type which we believe to be a PD M524.

This is a wonderful example of a genuine U.S. Contract 1978 dated 81mm Mortar Round! Comes more than ready for display.


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