Original U.S. Model 1906 Cavalry Saber with Scabbard by Ames - Dated 1906

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This M-1906 U.S. Cavalry saber is exactly like its forefather the M-1860 Cavalry Saber used throughout the Civil War and on America's frontier during the Indian Wars.

The Model 1906 was the last curved saber model produced for Cavalry as with the evolution of vehicular transport horses were to become a thing of the past militarily after WW1. A straight Cavalry Sword, known as the Patton sword was introduced in 1913 but this new style, frankly, lost all the magic of the original curved blade design.

The M-1906 differed from the M-1860 in that the hilt was made from steel and not brass, otherwise they are nearly identical. This was the saber used in the Mexican Border Wars that lasted on and off from 1910 until 1919 during which the Mexican Rebel Leader Pancho Villa actually invaded the U.S. and attacked a U.S. Army Post in Columbus, New Mexico. Thereafter the U.S. Government took a sterner hand and sent Pershing to settle the business in short order.

The sword comes with the original all steel scabbard and the blade bears the markings of:






In lovely condition ready to display, a cavalry saber from the Mexican Wars.


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