Original U.S. WWI Regulation Model 1892 Field Trumpet in G/F - M1892 Bugle

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The word bugle in the United States is often used as a generic term for many types of horns including the instruments used by the armed services, drum and bugle corps and by various other organizations such as the Boy Scouts. Nevertheless, bugles have always been specified correctly by the armed services and the suppliers and manufacturers of these instruments as either bugles (a conical bore natural horn) or as a field trumpet (a cylindrical bore natural horn over 2/3rds of its length). A case in point is the standard so-called U.S. Regulation “G” bugle commonly used by the Boy Scouts and by drum and bugle corps before the introduction of valves or other key changing devices.

This basic horn came into being as the standard U.S. Army Cavalry trumpet in G, specification No. 325 dated May 2, 1892 (Quartermaster General’s Office, War Department) which supplanted the previous model 1879 F trumpet with C crook. These were characterized by detailed specifications with drawings and dimensions. The bugle described in the specifications was to be the basis for almost every bugle manufactured in the U.S. up to the present. Eventually all branches of the Army adopted the basic 1892 G trumpet and around 1917 it was adopted by the Navy and Marines. The M1892 Trumpet was the standard U.S. Military trumpet through WWII, and is still used by many organizations to this day.

This fine example, as noted in the official specifications, has slide crook that can be pulled out to lower the key of the instrument to "F". There are lines inscribed on the slide to indicate when it has been pulled out far enough. It is marked U.S. REGULATION / MADE IN U.S.A. on the bell. Both Lanyard rings are still present, and the horn itself is in excellent condition for its age. There are only a few minor dents in places, and a bit of distortion of the bell rim. The instrument is all brass, with a nickel-plated brass mouthpiece. The bell is two piece, with an easily visible brazed seam where the flare was added. The only real issue is that the mouthpiece is currently seized in the receiver, but that could easily be remedied if desired.

A great U.S. Regulation field trumpet ready to display or use!

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