Original U.S. Model 1836 Flintlock Cavalry Pistol by Asa Waters Converted to Percussion - dated 1843

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Adopted in 1836, the production of this model continued until 1844, and this flintlock pistol intended for Cavalry was widely used in the Mexican/American War. A total of almost 41,000 units were produced before being replaced by the M-1842 Percussion pistol. Many flintlock pistols were later converted to percussion, such as this example.

This example was made by Asa H. Waters of Milbury, Massachusetts, and is still clearly marked on the lock:-

(Eagle Head)

Comes complete with its "trapped" swivel Ram Rod for easier use by mounted cavalry troops when reloading. The pistol measures 14" overall, with a smooth bore barrel of 8 1/2", and was converted to percussion, after which it saw much additional use, most likely in the Civil War. There are still the remains of the brass pan attached to the lock plate.

The pistol is all steel mounted, the only brass components are the remnants of the brass powder pan and the brass fore sight. In nice condition overall with a lovely dark patina on the steel components, though there is extensive powder burn on the breech area, which has removed all of the markings. The lock functions correctly, holding half-cock and dry firing at full.

The stock is in very good condition, with the expected wear from service. There is some cracking towards the upper left part of the lock inlet. The other side of the stock is just fine, and it still bears a legible inspector's cartouche on the left side!

It is marked at the rear of the flat portion of the stock with a stylized M.P.L., for inspector Major M.P. Lomax, U.S. Army, who inspected Waters and H. Johnson Pistols from 1837-1843. There is a faded cartouche close to the lower lock screw, however it is not completely legible.

A very nice and well marked example of this pistol, ready to display!


Years of Manufacture: 1843 - converted later
Caliber: .54" Pistol
Ammunition Type: Lead Ball & Powder
Overall Length: 14 Inches
Barrel Length: 8 1/2 Inches
Action: Flintlock Side Action
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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