Original U.S. Mexican-American War Set of Officer Daniel Reutter- Oil Painting, Epaulettes, Documents - Circa 1842

Item Description

Original Items: One-of-a-kind set. This is an archive that has come directly from the family. Daniel Reutter, born 1800 followed his father becoming an apothecary and resided at Duncannon, Pennsylvania.

In 1826 he joined the DAUPHIN CAVALRY in Harrisburg and subsequently became the CAPTAIN of THE BUFFALOE RANGERS, 1st Battalion of The Perry County Volunteers, 3rd Brigade, 11th Division of the Pennsylvania Militia, a post he held until 1845. He died in 1846.

Included in this set is a magnificent oil painting of an amazingly impressive cavalry officer from the Mexican-American War. The canvas measures 28" x 22.5" and 34" x 28.5" in its gilt frame depicting captain Reutter in full cavalry officer's uniform complete with his sword and shows him wearing a very fancy pair of epaulettes which we have, and this pair, one button absent, together with a second pair also heavily gold wire decorated are included with the set..

In addition, there is a framed and glazed "COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA" document certifying that captain Reutter did serve during the period of 1842-1845 as captain of the BUFFALOE RANGERS. The document complete with gold seal in ink signed and dated January 3rd, 1958.

Also included is a hard cover book of the Reutter Family History from 1762-1944. On page 60 this book states:

Dr. (Captain) Daniel N.L. Reutter, whose portrait has been done in oil, wearing a military uniform, served within the period 1842-1845 as Captain of the Buffaloe Rangers.

A compelling Oil portrait with two pairs of gold wire epaulettes, military record certification and printed hardbound volume of Reutter family history providing complete provenance of the painting’s originality.

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