Original U.S. Mexican-American War M-1832 General Staff Officer’s Sword with Single Edge Blade - RARE

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Original Item: Only One Available. Now this is a rare beauty to behold! This is a very hard to find Mexican-American War era M1832 General Staff Officer’s sword, which shows definite signs of being used. The only thing more uncommon than this sword is the information on them so bear with us.

The General Staff Officer’s sword was issued to officers of the ranks Colonel and above. There are very similar models of this sword that were issued to junior officers and non commissioned officers. The sword was carried by all members of staff departments, Field Grade officers of Artillery and Infantry, Company Grade Officers of Light Artillery, Staff Officers and Aides-de-Camp. For more information please see pages 71-72 of John Thillmann’s book Civil War Army Swords: A Study of United States Army Swords from 1832 Through 1865.

The sword is complete, but as stated does show signs of heavy use and wear. The blade has been worn, oxidized, and cleaned to the point where you can no longer see any types of markings on the blade. The twisted copper wire grip is no longer tight to the blade and has a very slight wobble to it, though it is still tightly wrapped with no sign of unraveling. Other than those two discrepancies this is one beautiful sword. The "heart shaped" guard over a bar crossguard / hand guard is iconic, and definitive to the model.

The blade length is 32” and has a total length of approximately 38”. There were several variations of this rare sword, and this example has a single edged blade, unlike the more common double edged variety. The sword shows signs of REAL use in the field, so it was definitely in service for many years, probably long after the pattern was out of use.

This sword is a welcomed addition to any edged weapon collector out there.


Overall length: 38”
Blade length: 32”
Blade Style: Spear Point Single Edged Rapier

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