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Original U.S. M3 Grease Gun .45ACP Stick Magazine

Item Description

Original Item: Vintage U.S. production these are in very good condition retaining most of their original blue/black finish, each comes caked with grease. Each has a 30 round capacity. These M3 Magazines will work in any firearm that is designed to use an unmodified USGI M3 & M3A1 Grease Gun magazine in .45ACP.

Again, these are not the sub-standard new made productions available elsewhere, these are genuine vintage U.S. Military issue and in very good condition, even packed in original cosmoline!

Note: These were made by several different manufactures, so there are variations in style of manufacture. Some of these have a square mag catch hole on the side, while others have a D shaped hole. Also while all of these have a square hole on the upper back of the magazine, some have a very shallow hole.

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