Original U.S. Pre-Vietnam War M20 Antitank Inert Practice Mine dated 1956

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The antitank practice mine M20 is used for training personnel in the precautions and proper methods to be observed in the care, handling, laying and arming, booby trapping, and disarming of the high explosive heavy antitank mine M15.

The M20 practice mine is a flat, cylindrical, steel casing externally similar to the high explosive mine M15, and earlier M12 training mine. It is shipped empty, with the arming plug assembled over the primary fuze well, but without primary or secondary fuzes. It is to be loaded with sand and fuzed in the field. The mine is inert, but explosive components will be found in the primary fuze, and if used, in the secondary fuze and activator. The arming plug has a steel shutter which moves from a side position to a center position as the setting knob is moved from SAFE through DANGER to ARMED position. A wire carrying handle is provided. Mine is painted blue, the color of US training munitions. It measures approximately 13 x 4 3/4", and has vents on the top so that smoke is produced when it "triggers".

The bottom is stenciled in white paint:


It is also dated 12 - 56, placing its date of manufacture several years after the end of the Korean War. As it was a training device it most likely continued to be used into the Vietnam War Era.

A very nice example, complete with the original carrying handle.

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