Original U.S. M1 Abrams Tank 105mm HEAT-T Inert Training Cartridge

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This practice round has been rendered totally inert per guidelines provided by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). Not Available For Export.

105mm M456A2 HEAT-T
High Explosive Anti-Tank-Tracer
Purpose: This cartridge is a high explosive antitank cartridge and is intended for use in 105mm guns against armored targets. It has a dual role capability in killing dismounted infantry by blast and fragmentation and in destroying lightly armored and non-armored vehicles and bunkers.

Description: The steel body projectile is fitted with a plastic obturator, a threaded standoff spike assembly, a fin and boom, and a PIBD fuze. A funnel-shaped copper liner within the body shapes the explosive charge of Comp B. A piezoelectric element retained in a nose cap is fitted to the spike assembly and is connected to the BD fuze in the body. The fin is threaded to receive a tracer.

Operation: The electrically initiated primer ignites the propelling charge. Gases produced by the burning propellant propel the projectile from the gun and ignite the tracer, which burns for a minimum of 2.5 seconds. On impact, fuze functioning detonates the projectile and cone collapses, creating a high-velocity focused shock wave and a jet of metal particles that penetrates the target.

Difference Among Models: The two models in the M456 series differ in the use of an impact switch assembly. The addition of the impact switch assembly provides for a higher functioning reliability in that initiation can occur upon contact with any part of the standoff spike assembly, i.e., improved performance on irregular surfaces and graze functioning.
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