Original U.S. Late WWII M1 Helmet with Custom Parachute Material Cover- WWII Firestone Liner

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available.Certainly a very unique helmet, This is a WWII production U.S. WWII Rear-Seam M1 Helmet that has had a cover fashioned from a piece of WWII Era camouflage parachute material on it as a helmet cover for a very long time. The liner is a near mint condition WWII production Firestone Liner with very crisp and clean khaki suspension.

The helmet is a rear seam (late 1944+ production), with khaki chinstraps fitted with blackened brass hardware. The shell appears to have had the exterior depot repainted. The Cover is a square cut piece of nylon camouflage parachute material that was secured to the shell via brown packing tape. The tape is very old, and has become dry, but it is still present. The cover shows wear from being worn on the helmet for some length of time, particularly around the rim of the helmet. The Liner is incredibly clean, and even has a very minty condition liner chinstrap affixed to it as well.

It is difficult to date the period of use for a helmet like this, as WWII production shells were used into the 1960s. Our feeling was that this may have been a Korean War Era used helmet, as there were some units during that period that standardized (at some unit level) the wear of camouflage parachute material as a helmet cover (remember at this time there was not a standardized helmet cover for U.S. Army troops). This was somewhat common with early Special Forces troopers, just as German Splinter camo was commonly worn by SF troops on their helmets in the late 1950s in Germany.

Just as it came when discovered at a rural farm estate sale a few years ago! This is an untouched helmet, and a perfect addition for the M1 Helmet enthusiast.

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