Original U.S. Korean War M48 Parachute Trip Wire Flare

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Original Item: Only One Available. Officially known as the "Flare, Trip, Parachute M48". The Parachute Trip Flare M48, is, in effect, a one-shot mortar fired by a trip wire. It projects an illuminating flare to an altitude of 300 to 500 feet, where a parachute-borne candle ignites when expelled from the shell case. The candle burns for about 20 seconds with a yellow-white light of approximately

110,000 candlepower, and illuminates an area with a radius of 300 yards. The complete flare consists of a base, on which the flare and parachute unit is contained in a steel tube, 2.4 inches inside diameter. In the base of the tube is the propelling charge of 75 grains of propellant powder. Above the propelling charge is a fuze of approximately three seconds' delay. This fuze ignites the expelling charge in the shell as it attains the proper altitude. The expelling charge then ejects the candle and parachute, igniting the candle by means of a second fuze which is threaded through a felt pad that separates the candle from the expelling charge. The entire flare is fired by a trip wire attached to the firing mechanism which is contained in a 0.25-inch pipe mounted on the base parallel to the steel tube containing the flare unit. The firing mechanism consists of a firing pin, actuated by a spring, a primer, an igniter, and a relay charge. See Fig. 54. The flare is held in safe condition by a double safety: a cotter pin which holds the pull ring in place and a safety screw. The flare may be fired either by a four-to six-pound pull on the trip wires or by 20 to 30 pounds' pressure on a pressure cap. The flare is hidden by burying it so that the top of the shell is three inches below the ground.

Totally inert and cannot be converted to an explosive device.

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