Original U.S. Korean War Era US Army Corps of Engineers AN/PRS-3 Mine Detector Set With Carry Case and Wand by The Bulova Watch Company

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set Available. The AN/PRS-3 mine detector was developed in the 1950's, and designed to compensate for soils with magnetic properties. This mine detector and the short-lived AN/PRS-4 were the last tube (valve) type mine detectors for the US Military.

A metal detector is an instrument that detects the nearby presence of metal. Metal detectors are useful for finding metal objects on the surface, underground, and under water. The unit itself, consist of a control box, and an adjustable shaft, which holds a pickup coil, which can vary in shape and size. If the pickup coil comes near a piece of metal, the control box will register its presence by a changing tone, a flashing light, and or by a needle moving on an indicator. Usually the device gives some indication of distance; the closer the metal is, the higher the tone in the earphone or the higher the needle goes.

We have not been able to locate much information on this model, as they were quickly replaced by more efficient ones. The condition is good for display, however there are some discrepancies with the wiring, headset and electronics. We have not function tested to the device and it is being sold only as a novelty display piece. The wand is still able to extend and retract properly and the device itself sits in the harness and suspends well. The data tag indicates that this device was manufactured by the Bulova Watch Company.

A solid example ready for further research and display.

The first metal detector proved inductance changes to be a practical metal detection technique, and it served as the prototype for all subsequent metal detectors.

Initially these machines were huge and complex. After Lee de Forest invented the triode in 1907 metal detectors used vacuum tubes to operate and became more sensitive but still quite cumbersome.

Nonetheless, it proved to be useful, and it grew in popularity among users and prospectors for specific applications.

One of the early common uses of the first metal detectors, for example, was the detection of landmines and unexploded bombs in a number of European countries following the First and Second World Wars.

Uses and benefits

Metal detectors can be used if for several military uses, which can be summarized as follows:

-Exposing the mines planted in the fields during the war or after the end of the war
-Detect dangerous explosives and cluster bombs dangerous to people's lives
-Hand-held metal detectors can be used to search people for weapons and explosives

War mine detection

Demining, also known as mine removal, is the method of clearing a field of landmines.
The aim of military operations is to clear a path through a minefield as quickly as possible, which is mostly accomplished using equipment like mine plows and blast waves.

Humanitarian demining, on the other hand, aims to clear all landmines to a certain depth and make the land secure for human use.

The process of finding or detection of mines done by a special designed metal detector exclusively developed to detect mines and bombs.

Landmine detection techniques have been studied in a wide range of ways.
Electromagnetic technologies are most popular, and one of them (ground penetrating radar) has been used in conjunction with metal detectors.

Mine casings produce a cavity that can be detected using acoustic methods or sensors to detect vapor leakage from landmines. Rats and mongooses, for example, can walk safely over a minefield and detect explosives, and animals can even be used to screen air samples over possible minefields. Bees, plants, and bacteria may all be useful. Nuclear quadrupole resonance and neutron probes can also be used to detect explosives in landmines.

Specially trained dogs are often used to focus the search and confirm that an area has been cleared, mines are often cleared using mechanical equipment such as flails and excavators.

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