Original U.S. Korean War Era Excellent M7A3 M1 Garand Grenade Launcher

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Now this is something you do not come across every day! This is an original, unissued M7A3 grenade launcher as used with the infamous M1 Garand. There is very little wear to the launcher itself with nearly all of the original finish still present. 

The M7 grenade launcher, formally rifle grenade launcher, M7, was a 22 mm rifle grenade launcher attachment for the M1 Garand rifle that saw widespread use throughout World War II and the Korean War. The M7 was a tube-shaped device, with one end slotting over the muzzle of the rifle and attaching to the bayonet mount, and the other end holding the grenade in place. Blank cartridges were loaded into the rifle prior to firing. When fired, the expanding gases generated by the cartridges propelled the grenade forward with considerable force. The M7 could fire grenades up to 200 metres (220 yards), compared with the maximum of 30 metres (33 yards) achieved by a hand-thrown grenade.

Anti-armor (M9), Fragmentation (M17), and smoke grenades (M22) were available for the M7.

During the Korean War, it was found that World War II-era anti-tank grenades were useless against the Soviet T-34 tanks fielded by the North Korean Army. A new high-velocity anti-tank rifle grenade called the Mecar ENERGA (dubbed the M28 in US Army service) was soon issued. However, its grenade launcher (dubbed the T119) had the same problems as the original M7 launcher and the M28 was inaccurate when launched from the M7A2. The M7A2 launcher was simply redesigned with a longer tube to fire the improved grenades and could be used with either the "flat edge" or "high hump" lock. After the war (from early 1956 to late 1959) it could be fitted with a leaf-sight that was calibrated for use with the M28. The M7A3 kit (ordnance part No. 5750089) consisted of a M7A3 launcher packed with a "high hump" gas lock to allow the grenadier to upgrade an earlier model M1 Garand to the new specification.

A lovely example that comes more than ready for further research and display.

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