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Original Item: Only One Available. Motorola's portable sets were offered in two models, starting in 1947. The portables are probably most appropriately called Research Line portables rather than Dispatcher or Deluxe portables, although they actually have nothing in common with either equipment series.

FPTR Series (1950-1957): The higher powered portables were the FPTR-series   (FPTRU) in high band, and came in a much larger and different case than the FHTR- sets. They were introduced in 1950.  The FPTR and FPTRU units had a large chrome handle across the top and offered a speaker/microphone combination rather than a handset, as well as room for multiple transmitters without increasing the overall original size (unlike the FHTR series which became quite a bit larger to accomplish the same thing.) They also offered squelch in the receiver as a standard feature, although that squelch was a relay-operated type rather than an electronic design. Like the FHTR units, there was a battery box across the bottom where large B batteries resided. The FPTR units use most of the same modules as the FHTR- sets. The FHTR equipment seems to have been discontinued at the introduction of the Research Line, but interestingly, the FPTR- equipment continued to be sold at least through 1956 after being re-numbered as the P11-1 (low band) or P13-1 (high band).  Some are painted with gray wrinkle paint, while others are a silver-gray hammertone finish.  I am not sure which is newer.  An accessory AC-DC power supply was offered, which connects to the Cannon external power connector on the top panel of the equipment.  Note that the microphone in the example below is a slightly later model; the one used with this model originally should be a round style made by Shure, rather than the Turner manufactured item shown here.  I am not aware of a wet battery rechargeable power supply being offered for this model, as it was with the FHTR series shown above.  These sets are surprisingly rare today compared to the FHTR style shown above.

The data plate reads:

FM Radiophone Pack
Model FPTRU I(A)L2

A label on the side reads:
Property of Universal Picture Company

Offered in good condition, we do not promise functionality as we have no way to test this equipment.
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