Original U.S. Korean War Captured Flag of North Korea - 52 ½” x 26 ½”

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Original Item: Only One Available. The flag of North Korea, also known as the Ramhongsaek Konghwagukgi ( "blue and red-colored flag of the republic"), consists of a central red panel, bordered both above and below by a narrow white stripe and a broad blue stripe. The central red panel bears a five-pointed red star within a white circle near the hoist.

This example measures 52.5" x 26.5", and was captured and brought back during the Korean war, which lasted Jun 25, 1950 – Jul 27, 1953. It looks to be made of Rayon cloth, an early partial synthetic cloth made from wood. The colors are retained but not well, this is a flag that saw many years of service as it is heavily faded with bleeding in the colors. It does have hanging hardware or but no header, so it is most likely the type of flag that was attached to a wall or building.

A great piece of Korean War History!

The North Korean flag's prominent motif is a red star, which is a universal symbol of communism and socialism, although since the flag's adoption the application of the Marxist-Leninist-natured philosophy of Juche has replaced communist authority as the state's guiding ideology, and references to communism have been systematically removed from the country's constitution and legal documents.

However, the constitution is still stated to be socialist in nature. Despite the many changes to the constitution, the description of the flag has always remained the same.

The website of the Korean Friendship Association indicates that, on the contrary, the red star represents revolutionary traditions and the red panel is indicative of the patriotism and determination of the Korean people. The white stripes symbolize the unity of the Korean nation and its culture. The blue stripes represent the desire to fight for independence, peace, friendship, and international unity.

According to a typical North Korean official text published in Rodong Sinmun, Kim Il-sung gave the following significance to the flag's elements:

The red of the flag symbolizes anti-Japanese sentiment, and is the color of blood shed by the Korean patriots and the invincible might of our people firmly united to support the Republic. The white symbolizes one bloodline, one land, one language, one culture of our monoethnic country, which lived in purity. And blue stands for the gallant visage of our people and symbolizes the spirit of the Korean people fighting for world peace and progress.

The colors of the North Korean flag – red, white, and blue – are considered national colors and symbolize respectively: revolutionary traditions; purity, strength, and dignity; and sovereignty, peace, and friendship.

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