Original U.S. Korean / Vietnam War AN/PRC-77 Radio Man Pack Set with ST-120/PR Harness

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an original Korean War Era AN/PRC-77 Radio Back Pack Set with a ST-120/PR canvas carry harness set.

The AN/PRC 77 Radio Set is a manpack, portable VHF FM combat-net radio transceiver manufactured by Associated Industries and used to provide short-range, two-way radiotelephone voice communication. In the Joint Electronics Type Designation System (JETDS), AN/PRC translates to "Army/Navy, Portable, Radio, Communication."

The AN/PRC-77 entered service in 1968 during the Vietnam War as an upgrade to the earlier AN/PRC-25. It differs from its predecessor mainly in that its final power amplifier stage is made up of solid state components and not vacuum tubes like the PRC-25. Also the PRC-77 has the ability to use voice encryption devices, while the PRC-25 could not. These include the TSEC/KY-38 NESTOR equipment used in Vietnam and the later KY-57 VINSON family. Problems were encountered in Vietnam with the combination as described in the NESTOR article.

The AN/PRC 77 consists of the RT-841 transceiver and minor components. It can provide secure voice (X-mode) transmission with the TSEC/KY-57 VINSON voice encryption device, but is not compatible with the SINCGARS frequency hopping mode.[3] During the Vietnam War, the PRC-77 used the earlier TSEC/KY-38 NESTOR voice encryption system.

Major components:
- Transmitter / Receiver unit
- Battery

Minor components - CES (Complete Equipment Schedule):
- 3 ft antenna - 'bush/battle whip'
- 10 ft antenna
- 3 ft antenna base - 'gooseneck'
- 10 ft antenna base
- Handset
- Harness

This example is offered in good condition, but we cannot guarantee functional working order as we have not tested it because the battery is absent.

Technical characteristics
Channels: 920 channels across two bands using 50 kHz steps

Frequency Ranges: 30.00 to 52.95 MHz (Low Channel);
53.00 to 75.95 MHz (High Channel)

Estimated Range: 8 km (5 mi) Dependent on conditions
Power Output: 1.5 to 2.0 watts

Power Source: Current (2015) military batteries:
BA-5598/U LiSO2 nonrechargeable
BB-386/U NiMH and BB-2598/U Li-ion rechargeable

Obsolete (unavailable) nonrechargeable military batteries:
BA-386/PRC-25 zinc-carbon, BA-398/PRC-25 zinc-carbon cold weather vest (use w/cable to radio battery connector), BA-4386/PRC-25 magnesium

Discontinued but available military or equivalent batteries:
BA-3386/U alkaline nonrechargeable
BB-586/U NiCad and BB-LA6 SLA rechargeable

Antenna: AT-271A/PRC 10 ft (3.0 m) multi-section whip "Static" Whip-a-way, or
AT-892/PRL-24 3 ft semi-rigid steel tape "Bush-whip"

Type of Service: 30K0F3E (FM)
Manpack field radio
land mobile service

Weight: 13.75 lb (6.2 kg)

Security Could be used with TSEC/KY-38 NESTOR and, later, the KY-57 VINSON secure voice systems.

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