Original U.S. Japanese-Made M4 Bayonet for the M1 Carbine with M8A1 Scabbard

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is something rather interesting, which we have not had before. At first glance, we assumed this was a typical U.S. Made M4 bayonet, with a WWII Period stacked leather grip. However, it is not marked as it should be, so we assumed it was a Korean-made example. However further inspection showed a faint JAPAN stamped on the crossguard, so this is definitely a Japanese-Made M4 Bayonet for the M1 and M2 carbine, made by Kiffe in Japan. This is basically a copy of the U.S. WWII M4 bayonet, with the stacked leather grip and plastic end spacers, though without the holes in the bottom plastic piece to punch out the pins for the latch. It also does not have the starburst peened tang.

These are generally considered to be of good construction, but definitely not as collectible as the U.S. made versions. These were originally produced to meet the demand for bayonet when many M1 Carbines were released from surplus. This one is still in great shape, with a nice blued body and factory lower edge. The upper edge has been sharpened somewhat. The pommel lock works fine, and it's altogether solid, though the crossguard wiggles a tiny bit.

Comes with an OD green fiber scabbard marked U.S. M8A1 / B.M. CO. also in offered in very good condition. This design features a fiberglass body, metal throat, and canvas frog and securing strap with a steel pistol belt hook. The scabbard was manufactured by Beckwith Manufacturing Co, a division of Victory Plastics, whose stylized V P logo is also present on the scabbard body. The canvas is in great shape, as are the metal fittings and snap. The original parkerized finish on the throat is in very good condition.

The perfect accessory for any WWII or Korean War issue M1 Carbine.

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