Original U.S. Indian Wars / Spanish-American War Federal Army Issue Pattern 1887 Fatigue Sack Coat

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. U.S. Army Issue Pattern 1887 Fatigue Blouse (AKA “Sack Coat”). Standard Issue to every U.S. Army Soldier during the late Indian Wars and Spanish-American War, up through the transition to the Model 1902 Coat which was the 1887’s Successor. These were intended to be a loose-fitting garment for wear in the field, as opposed to a tailored parade uniform, these were utilitarian by design.
Five-Button Front, each button is of the Indian War “Chicken Head” pattern button, each marked Waterbury. There is no internal lining though the front interior button hole side is lined as well as the inside of the collar. There are the expected moth nips, but it is otherwise in wonderful condition.
One of the longest worn uniforms in U.S. Army History was the Fatigue Blouse, or Sack Coat. Having been worn from the 1850s up unto 1902 in one form or another. The Dark Blue Fatigue Blouse is synonymous with the image of the typical U.S. Army soldier of the 19th Century. This is an excellent example, and ready for display!
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