Original U.S. Indian Wars Named M1876 46rd Prairie Cartridge Belt for Springfield Trapdoor .45-70

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Dating from the Indian Wars in the 1870s and 1880s this is known as a Model 1876 Prairie Belt which is a leather and webbed ammunition belt with a single prong, rectangle brass buckle and corresponding leather tab with 8 original punched holes with 1 extra hole made. The leather on the buckle side has a section cut out to create a sort of belt end retainer and appears to have been done by the original user of the belt.The overall condition of the belt is fair, the leather has some creasing in it and some cracks from usage and age, the fabric has minor fraying and a tear that is about 1” in length.The only corrosion on any part of the belt is the fasteners used to attach the “u hook”. The fasteners are intact but have rusted over the years and have turned the surrounding areas of the belt a light orange color. It was designed for the Springfield trapdoor rifles and carbines in .45-70 caliber and holds a total of 46 rounds. The total length of the belt is 43” and has a width of 2.38”. There are no manufacturer stamps or marks in the leather or on the fabric, there is however a name that has been written on the fabric by the buckle: SHURM.

From the earliest European visitors to the Westward Expansion of the United States, settlers often encountered the American Indians. Though many of these meetings were peaceful, the cultures often clashed, resulting in hundreds of battles and skirmishes between the Natives and encroaching pioneers upon their lands. The pioneers weren’t the only ones to clash or have conflicts with the Native tribes, the U.S. Army did as well. Though confrontations with the Natives virtually occurred ever since the first European explorers and settlers set foot in the “New World”, the “Indian War period” is primarily referred to as occurring between 1866 and 1890. These many conflicts are often overshadowed by other periods of U.S. history like the American Civil War for example.

By the early 20 century, the American-Indian Wars had effectively ended, but at a great cost. Though the Natives helped colonial settlers survive in the New World, helped Americans gain their independence and ceded vast amounts of land and resources to pioneers, tens of thousands of Native and non-native lives were lost to war, disease and famine, and the Indian way of life was almost completely destroyed.
Who knew that an item as simple as a cartridge belt would carry that much history behind it? This is a must have in any collection!
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