Original U.S. Indian Wars Model 1860 US Army Staff and Field Officer Sword With Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This original M1860 Staff and Field officer’s sword is one of many produced by the various manufacturers from the Civil War to the turn of the century. This one appears to be an immediate post-war production and would have been used during the latter part of the Indian Wars.

This officer's sword was adopted on August 28, 1860 acting upon the officer who would rarely if ever be called upon to wield a sword in battle. It was not mandatory until after the close of the Civil War, however in 1872, this sword became mandatory for all officers except medical staff, paymasters, mounted officers of infantry, cavalry & light artillery.

This M1860 sword is an edged weapon that was designed mostly for ceremonial use. The straight, double-edged steel blade measures 30” long and features a smooth cross section. Blade is exhibits signs of wear and past pitting which now appears as black specks.
The Sword hilt and handle is brass, with the leather handle having a separate brass wire wrap. Steel scabbard has a pleasing bright polish and is adorned with one ring mount and a brass drag; the brass throat is still present. The mount exhibits a floral display and the drag features crossed flags and a 5 pointed star. The scabbard appears to have been painted at some point.

This is a very handsome sword which is a must have for the collector of 19th Century U.S. Militaria.

Approximate Dimensions:
Blade Length: 30”
Blade Width: 9/16”
Grip Length: 4 ½”
Crossguard Width: 4”
Handguard Length: 5”
Scabbard Length: 31”

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