Original U.S. Indian Wars Era Officer's Portrait Photo with Model 1872 Regulation Belt Buckle & Belt c. 1880

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind Set. This is a very nice late 19th Century U.S. Indian Wars collectors set, consisting of a very nice sepia toned framed photograph of an Officer, and what we have been told is the very Model 1851 Federal Regulation Belt shown in this photo.

The photo measures 3 3/4" W x 7 1/2" H, and is printed on cardboard stock, held in a frame which is somewhat delicate. Because of this however we can easily disassemble it to examine the photograph. The frame measures about 4 1/2" x 8 1/2", and is made of gold painted wood.

The photograph shows a U.S. Army Officer in his uniform with kepi. The Officer's Blouse is a 5 button M1874 version, which indicates issue during the "Indian Wars" period after the Civil War. The shoulders strap insignia indicates that he is a 1st Lieutenant, and due to the riding boots and gauntlet gloves, we believe that these would be yellow, for Cavalry. The officer is standing at east, with his left hand on his officer's sword.

The rear of the photo has the trademark logo of C. M. LITCHFIELD / PHOTOGRAPHER, who operated out of Boston. We do not know if this is the original print, or one reprinted later, but it is definitely quite old. There is also some penciled in information at the top, however we cannot decipher it.

The genuine U.S. Civil War Officer's Sword belt, with a Federal Model 1872 Regulation Plate Belt Buckle, is made of solid leather, not the leather wrapped burlap sometimes seen. It measures 37 inches in overall length, with probably about another inch of outward adjustment that could be made. The plate style buckle is brass, and still has lots of the original gilding on the front and back. It differs from the earlier 1851 pattern by being of simpler construction, and did not have the silvered accents that the earlier version did.

Overall condition is good but definitely shows wear and age deterioration. Most of the black finish has flaked off over the years, but the leather is still relatively soft, and there are no major cracks or splits we can see.

A great U.S. Indian Wars Era set, ready to display!

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