Original U.S. Indian Wars Era Model 1873 Entrenching Tool Knife with Leather Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. US Model 1873 Entrenching Tool; this tool/knife was adopted in 1873 and was mainly an entrenching tool (rather than a knife). It was used on the plains during the Indian Wars. It was a very light flat-bladed tool and was short-lived; it evolved into the heavier US Model 1880/1890.

Designed for use by the U. S. Cavalry during the 1880’s, the M-1873 Entrenching Tool was produced at the Springfield Armory in high numbers. Issued with various model rifles, the M-1873 Entrenching Tool was specifically designed to be used for digging small entrenchments or scraping dirt to form a small, protective mound during battle.

This is regarded as the first of the true issued Springfield Armory edged weapons, other than the sword or saber. Although the piece is fairly common, ones available in excellent condition are sought after by collectors.

The entrenching tool and scabbard are in excellent condition for their age. The “blade” is in great condition with only a few isolated spots of surface rust and staining. The ribbed wood handle is in excellent condition with all of the factory ribbing still intact and minor cracking present. The top of the handle, towards the “crossguard” section of the E-Tool still retains a lovely “U S” marking.

The leather scabbard is in similar serviceable condition and even still has the suspension ring on the back. The leather portion is in solid condition with very minimal stitching loss and no extensive damage present. The top left of the face of the scabbard still has a visible and lovely US stamp present. The brass hardware is complete and has a beautiful aged patina to it.

This is a wonderful example of an item that has unfortunately been lost to time and does not surface very often. Comes more than ready for display!

Blade Length: 8”
Blade Style: Wide Round Tip
Overall length: 12 3/4”
Crossguard: 3 1/2”
Scabbard Length: 8” inches

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