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Original U.S. Gulf War / GWoT Era Inert M766 Short Range Practice 60mm Mortar Round With M779 Practice Fuze

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This was intended for practice and training and was not filled with any explosive content. The propulsion charges are inert and or not present, making this round BATF compliant. This cannot be converted back to a “live” destructive device and is Not Available For Export.

The M766 Short Range Practice Cartridge is designed for use with the M224 60mm Mortar System and provides realistic, cost effective training. The M766 is similar to the 60mm High Explosive cartridge in exterior configuration and operation. With the use of a refurbishment kit the M766 can be fired between ten and two dozen times. It reduces the cost of training and permits training in areas with limited range space.

The M766 is equipped with the FUZE PD PRACTICE M779 which is a facsimile M734 Multi-Option Fuze. The cartridge, which has a maximum range of 538 meters, provides a flash, bang and smoke signature upon an impact and whether or not they need to adjust.

The innovative refurbishment kit, consisting of a breech plug, ignition cartridge, fuze, obturator ring, three dud plugs and three increment plugs, saves 60mm mortar crews over $5M in training per year.

The removable increment plugs, located on the shell body, simulate the propelling charges of the tactical cartridges and allow the crew to adjust the range. The dud plugs, also located on the shell body, are a safety feature indicating proper functioning of the fuze.

The M766 consists of the following major components:

Projectile Body Assembly
M986 Ignition Cartridge
M33 Fin Assembly
M779 Practice Fuze

This is a wonderful example and comes more than ready for further research and display!

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