Original U.S. Global War on Terror Inert M720 60mm Mortar Round With M734 Multi-Option Fuze - M224 Mortar System

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Original Item: Only One Available. This M720 60mm round is totally inert with an inert M781 practice fuse and is in compliance with the current BATF standards on ordnance. It measures approximately 15 inches in length.

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The M224 60mm Lightweight mortar is a smooth bore, muzzle loading, high-angle-of-fire weapon. The cannon assembly is composed of the barrel, combination base cap, and firing mechanism. The mount consists of a bipod and a base plate which is provided with screw type elevating and traversing mechanisms to elevate/traverse the mortar. The M64 sight unit is attached to the bipod mount via a standard dovetail.

An additional short range sight is attached to the base of the cannon tube for firing the M224 60mm mortar on the move and during assaults. It has a spring-type shock absorber to absorb the shock of recoil in firing.

The M224 60mm mortar replaced the older (WWII era) M2 and M19, 60mm Mortars. These weapons only possessed 2,200 yards of effective range. The M224 60mm mortar was designed to fire all types of the older ammunition, but its primary rounds are of the newer, longer-range type.

American Ordnance LLC, operator of the Iowa and Milan Army Ammunition Plants, produces the M720, M720A1, M768 and M888 High Explosive 60mm Mortar Cartridges for the U.S. Military and other State Department approved customers.

The M720, M720A1, M768 and M888 High Explosive Cartridges are designed for use with the M224 60mm Mortar System. These cartridges are designed to be effective against personnel, bunker and light materiel targets.

High fragmentation steel projectiles are loaded with either conventional or IM compliant explosive. The M720 and M888 feature conventional explosive and are similar with exception of fuzing. The M720 features the M734 Multi-Option Fuze, which can be set to function in Proximity, Near Surface Burst, Impact, or Delay mode.

This is the American 60mm M720, percussion primed, fin stabilized, high-explosive (HE), fragmentation mortars.

The M720 mortar uses the M734 multi-option (MO) fuze which is included on this example.

The complete round consists of a teardrop-shaped main body, a fin assembly, four increments of propellant charge and an ignition cartridge with a percussion primer. The increments, ignition cartridge and primer are not included.

The forward end is open and is internally screw-threaded to accommodate the fuze.

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