Original U.S. & German WWI & WWII Leather Holster Lot - 5 Holsters

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Lot of 5 Available. In the 1850s, as a wide variety of handguns were developed, holster styles rapidly developed as well. Many civilian holsters mimicked the military holsters with flaps that fully covered and protected the gun from fouling due to exposure to weather. Others were made for quicker access, and featured open tops.

The Holster Included:
- 1918 Dated M1913 Holster: The holster bears on original 1918 manufacturers stamping on the underside of the top flap. We cannot make out the maker but the year is prominent. The holster was dyed black for post war use and a Waffenamt marking is visible to the left of the magazine pouch on the face.

- 1938 Dated P38 Holster By Gebrüder Klinge: The holster is in excellent condition with some wear to the leather. The back is marked with Gebrüder Klinge Dresden 1938 with a WaA163 Waffenamt.

- Belgian FN Browning 1935 Full Flap Holster: This is a lovely Pre-WWII era Belgian holster for the M1935 Hi-Power. There are no visible markings. The interior has an integrated magazine pouch.

- U.S. M1909 Holster for Colt / S&W M1917 .45 Revolver: There are no markings visible or belt loop attachment. The lift the dot stud has separated from the holster and remains in the female portion on the flap.

- U.S. Western Style Revolver Holster with Gun Belt: The belt has a stamp Rival which we believe to be the maker. The holster appears to be those similar seen made for the M-1878 “Frontier” Six Shooter .44-40 DA Revolver. We are uncertain on the age but the condition is lovely. The gun belt has 35 loops for ammunition. Approximate length of 41” and a width of 3”.

All holsters come ready to be paired with pistols! As for the O.K. Corral belt rig, it’s ready to be paired with a beautiful Stetson to practice quickdraws in the bedroom mirror!

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